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QRS Waver – Quantum magnetic therapy 20 min WEB
* Regular price 28€ - 30% = 19,60€ (till 15.12.) QRS Waver is a relaxing chair with a combination of quantum magnetic therapy, sound therapy, oxygen therapy, gentle rocking and musical relaxation. It creates a unique interaction to achieve mental relaxation and vitalization of the body using a single, integrated system. This system of high level of health and well-being offers hitherto unknown possibilities for effective regeneration of body and mind in a very short time.
€ 19.60
Mud (fango) cosmetic pack – large 20 min WEB
A pack with salt pan mud (fango) is brine-enriched Istrian clay. The mud has outstanding body-detox and anti-fatigue properties. Your body is covered with a thin film of warm mud that remains on your body during a 20 to 30-minute rest. This is followed by sea-water shower that boosts a detoxifying effect. Salt pan mud is a remarkable substance for renewal and firming of the skin as well as being extremely effective in cellulite removal due to its high mineral content.
€ 33.15
Ayurvedic back massage 30 min WEB
Back massage is recommended for all three types of doshas. The massage technique is adjusted according to an individual’s problems – most often this is pain that comes from the neck or the lumbar region. This type of massage effectively relieves pain, softens hard areas in the muscles, stimulates the nervous system and relaxes tension; special pressure on the spine also improves respiratory functions.
€ 41.40
Anti-age massage of the face, neck and décolleté 20 min
It is a harmonic interlacing of movements, in the great majority it involves long exercises and smoothening of the skin in combination with acupressure massage. It is a special regeneration massage of the face, neck, décolleté and head with a deep relaxation effect. Stimulation of individual acupressure points gives a sense of relaxation and comfort, and helps to relieve stress and tension.
€ 27.90
Myoxy Caviar®- Prestigious anti-aging face treatment with caviar 60 min
Prestigious anti-aging face treatment with caviar 60 min
€ 99.00
Thai lymph drainage with aromatherapy 50 min WEB
A detoxifying as well as relaxing massage helps to eliminate toxins from the body, reduces and eliminates leg swelling, and acts against bloatedness. This massage is intended to stimulate the lymphoid system, thus accelerating the elimination of waste materials from the body.
€ 63.00
Shiroabhyangam 30 min WEB
A special soothing massage of the head bringing balance and relaxation to the whole psychophysical system by help of various specific movements. It stimulates the nervous system, soothes the psyche, brings sound sleep and prevents hair loss. The massage is carried out with cold or lukewarm Pitta Tailam oil.
€ 40.50
Marmabyangham 45 min WEB
This is a special technique which activates energy points by way of digital pressure. The marma points stimulation relaxes and strengthens the body and spirit. The treatment makes use of Vata Tailam oil.
€ 58.00
Abyangham 60 min WEB
A highly individualised massage, tailored to the needs of each individual and their dosha type. Hot Ayurvedic oil (Vata, Pitta or Kapha – depending on the dosha type) is used during the massage.
€ 69.00